Creating your own Digital future 

Business group

  • We will provide a full company registration with an auditor already established for annual financials.

  • You can change to your own annual auditor at the end of the business year.

  • We can assist with VAT registration if needed

  • Tax compliance certificate

  • Central Supplier Databease registration for government

  • Association registrations

  • We will design a logo for your business if you do not have one already. 

  • We can design and build your website after domain name has been selected from a simple site similar to this.  

  • We will design all letter heads and various templates needed for your business.

  • We will design and supply you with business cards to start you off.

  • We will register you a domain name as close to your company name as possible depending on domain availability.

  • We can build you eCommerce websites at your requirements.

  • We can if need be develop you a mobile app at rock bottom prices.

  • We will arrange anual hosting on your behalf at the most reasonable cost. 

  • Maintenace of site you can do yourself or we can provide that assistance for a small monthy fee.

  • Links to social media will be created.

  • Weather you have an established company or not. We can provide you with a Business plan which includes a Marketing stratagy and Financials.

  • We will assist you to making applications for loans. Unfortunately the law does not allow us to apply for loans on your behalf however we will walk you through the process step by step.

  • We can also assist you in the possibility of getting loans through the IDC or any other government enteprise.

Company Registrations



Business Plans

Chat Bots 

CHAT BOTS are the new generation of thinking 
This eleviates a customer care person and attains customer interaction 24/7 

Chats Bots are for used for 

  • Productivity 

  • Entertainment

  • Social media

  • Curiosity

Simple or Smart chatbots can be used to your requirements

Can be used on your web page or your Mobile App 

This is usually done on these platforms 

  • Whatsapp 

  • Messenger

  • Wechat

  • RCS  

Social media marketing

  • Now that you have a web site It needs to be known that it exists. 

  • We create business pages on facebook & instagram and You Tube if you so wish.  

  • We agree to a marketing campagain using those social media platforms or any other specific platforms like mobile apps

  • We will design the campaign and send out on a regular basis to attract newcomers in your market

  • We advertise your business on our own website at a small additional fee

  • We create and send email maketing campaigns